Superfood Saturday: Collagen

One of my TOP tools in my nutrition toolbox is collagen! This has been a huge piece of my gut healing. Collagen contains 3 amino acids {glycine, proline,& glutamine} which help heal the stomach lining & seal up any leak holes. This is MAJOR for me since I have dealt with leaky gut for years!

Did you know that collagen is also a clean source of protein with no fillers, additives, flavorings, or BS?!?!  It blends with no taste or grit & it provides you with 7g of protein per scoop!

It’s clear to see why I consider collagen as a superfood & one that I include in my DAILY routine!

If you suffer with chronic/constant stomach aches, have troubling digesting your food, and/or have a gut disorder such as leaky gut or IBS, collagen is something you should FOR SURE include in your daily routine too!

Here’s why….

  • Collagen helps to soothe & repair the gut lining. If your body is having a constant reaction to something you’re eating or you have been dealing with an illness that won’t let up, collagen is extremely beneficial. Using collagen as a regular supplement can promote healing the intestinal wall which is vital for anyone suffering with leaky gut.
  • Collagen helps to regulate stomach acid secretion by ensuring there is enough acid in your stomach for proper digestion. It also works in reverse by preventing too much stomach acid within the gut! So not only does regular supplementation with collagen helps to ensure you have enough stomach acid to digest your foods, but it also prevents too much acid so you do not have to deal with heartburn or extra acid! It’s a win win!
  • The three amino acid found on collagen, glycine, proline & glutamine, all have powerful healing effects on the gut. Glycine & proline are two important amino acids for promoting regrowth & repair of the intestinal wall as well as preventing the appearance of any new ulcers! Glutamine is a key amino acid that has been shown to prevent inflammation in the gut & seal up some of the holes found commonly in people suffering with a leaky gut!
  • Here’s a quick biology fact… collagen is a hydrophilic molecule, meaning it LOVES water! <3 This makes collagen attract both water &acidic molecules which aids in the digestive process.  Collagen helps to bring water into the digestive tract as well as promoting more mucous membranes to seal any holes in the gut lining. By surrounding itself by water & stomach acid, collagen can work it’s way through the GI tract in a smooth fashion. This also allows collagen to help in the digestive process by pushing along food particles such as proteins & carbohydrates in the intestines.
  • By pulling extra water & stomach acid to surround itself, collagen can provide relief from heartburn and stomach ulcers. Collagen attracts the extra stomach acid to it which is beneficial for those suffering with an overly acidic environment in their gut.
  • It’s a FANTASTIC protein source! Collagen contains 7g of protein per serving & better yet, it contains only ONE ingredient. 100% pure grass-fed, pasture raised collagen peptides. I love that I can use collagen in my smoothies, coffees, and in recipes for a clean source of protein. I don’t have to worry about artificial colors, sweeteners or any other fillers! Only pure, natural protein.

Add a scoop or two of collagen to your smoothie, coffee, muffins, waffles, energy balls, cookies, & more! It is a versatile powerhouse that can be included in almost any recipe! The possibilities are endless.

I love that I am able to heal my gut while also getting a clean source of protein full of essential amino acids. Big winner in my books!

Want to try it out?! Check out Further Food for my favorite brand of collagen! And use my code NOURISHSPROUTTHRIVE10 to save 10% off your first order! You won’t regret trying out this product.

Until next time,

XOXO Nourished to a T <3


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