How a “stomach ache” almost ruined things for me

Defeated, I sank back down onto the couch, grasping  the pillow in my arms to distract me from the excruciating pain. I felt helpless and worthless all at the same time.

A burden. I was becoming a burden to my fiancé. I would jokingly say “you know what you’re getting yourself into right?” But did he? Did I?

What if this pain never stopped? What if I was always going to be hit with these unexpected & urgent waves of diarrhea & nausea? What if I can’t get through our wedding day without one of these flare-ups?! Who wants to marry the sick chick?

These feelings started to swallow me whole. I was drowning in all of this sh*t.

And then I felt the warm touch of my fiancé’s hand on my arm. “Everything okay?” He gingerly asked. I could tell this wasn’t easy for him. He wasn’t sure how to help me and I wasn’t sure I could help myself.

“Yeah everything is fine. Just a stomach ache again.” AGAIN. That word should have been tattooed on my forehead. “Sick AGAIN” would have been more appropriate.

I mustered up the energy & decided I had one last fight inside of me. I am going to do this. I will get better.  And I did just that. I fought for my health, for my life, for my happiness. I fought for my future.

My life’s work  is to teach women suffering silently, chained to their toilets, how to get their health, their life, their future back.

My mission is to resolve your gut issues they why I resolved mine. We are all capable of healing.

You do NOT have to suffer any longer or feel like a burden anymore! Together we can heal your gut & get you back to living your life, confidently & freely.

Sound like a plan?! Let’s chat!

It will never be perfect, but it will be worth it. Remember, be patient in the darkness—you are blooming.